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Certificate of Financial Responsibility

Please go to the below USCG web site below to get COFR information. Click on COFR SEARCH button and enter the barge name you are inquiring about. Please be aware that the name look-up may be with a blank (RCT 101) or without a blank (RCT101). In both instances the alpha characters need to be in upper case.

The certificate of financial responsibility (COFR) final rule was published September 17, 2008. The final rule amends 33 CFR Part 138, and goes into effect on October 17, 2008. Among the changes, the one of particular interest to sector units is an amendment to COFR carriage requirements.

Effective October 17, 2008, vessels requiring valid COFRs will no longer be required to carry a paper certificate of financial responsibility on board. The National Pollution Funds Center (NPFC) will no longer issue paper certificates as evidence of compliance with the OPA 90 COFR requirements. COFR enforcement decision should be based on information provided through the NPFC COFR website.
Click Here to accesss the NPFC website.

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