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Safety Policy

RIVER CITY TOWING SERVICES, INC. has performed various barge and marine activities for the oil and petrochemical operators, under United States Coast Guard and other federal and state agency authority for many years. Since most of the work we do can be inherently dangerous to our employees, our commitment to their safety and well-being has always been our top priority.

Our success in the area of safety can be greatly attributed to the ability of our employees to perform their jobs in a conscientious and meticulous manner, never wavering on their individual responsibility to their personal safety. We have a history of excellent management support to our safety goals and objectives and remain as strong today as ever in continuing our excellent safety performance.

As employees who work aboard vessels, you will be subject to many hazards, including those involving falling overboard, rough seas and inclement weather conditions. Your profound attention to not only the manner in which you perform your daily tasks, but also to the way you position yourself when doing so, is monumentally important to your continued safety. Immediately report any condition you even suspect might create an unnecessary hazard to you or others, including "significant near miss" incidents. Follow the instructions of our Customers and do not perform any activity unless you are convinced that you can do so safely. Report all injuries immediately upon their occurrence, with no exceptions. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment for violation of a recognized safety requirement.

Always ask questions and never fail to assess a task before getting started. Your primary objective should always be to return home in the manner by which you arrived at work. Take individual responsibility to ensure that this will always happen.

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